To Wear or Not to Wear? We Asked That Question


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Central Student D Amontae Shipp

The Davenport Community School District recently made masks optional for students and teachers. But what do they think about this? The Blackhawk staff conducted several interviews among Central students and teachers, and the results were varied. 

Some students didn’t think it was a good choice. Payton LeGrand, a Junior at Central, was one of these students. She said in an interview, “I think it’s a bad idea. Personally, I think that we should still have masks required. But the people who don’t want to wear their masks aren’t going to wear it either way, so it doesn’t really make all that much of a difference. . . I still personally am wearing my mask, but my little sister has stopped and my mom and my grandma both are at high risk. So it does bother me a little bit knowing this possibility of them getting sick.”

Rehema Zabibu, another Junior, explained why she thought this wasn’t a good decision, saying, “I live with an immunocompromised little brother. And if I get COVID he might not survive. So I’m just really worried about passing COVID [on].”

Meghan Schwein, another Central student, was more in favor of making masks optional. She asked a question that other students may also be asking –  “why am I wearing a mask if I’m already vaccinated[?]”

Lauren Frost also had some positive thoughts about the District’s decision. She explained that “On the one hand, it (wearing masks) can help stop COVID, but at the same time I feel like everyone’s going to get COVID no matter what for it to go away.” As to whether she would require masks or keep masks optional if she had the choice? She answered “Probably optional.” 

What about the teachers? Though some choose not to wear a mask, Ms. Lynn Flick, a teacher at Central, does. She explained why she is concerned, saying “Well, I don’t like it because I feel like a lot of kids are still out because of COVID. I think they should have waited until the incidence of cases was down a lot further.” As to how it has affected her personally, she explained, “Well, since I am almost 70 years old, I wish everybody had to wear masks because if I get COVID, I could possibly die from it.”

So, is there a consensus among students and teachers regarding whether or not to wear a mask? There doesn’t seem to be. One thing, though, is similar – both are doing what they believe is right to move past COVID. Some believe that wearing a mask is the best way to protect themselves and others, while others believe either that this protection is unnecessary or that not wearing masks will encourage people to protect themselves in other ways such as getting vaccinated. 

In any case, it’s safe to say that we all have the same wish – to live a life free from COVID. Hopefully, as time goes on, that wish will be fulfilled. 


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Why am I wearing a mask if I’m already vaccinated[?]

— Megan Schwien