Hunger Strike Protesters Spotted Outside Central

Three women refuse to eat until they get a day in court


Hannah Van Liere, Writer

On Tuesday in front of the 12th Street Entrance, three protesters peacefully demonstrated. The leader, Gina Hale, is protesting inequality in the Davenport School District. On September 23, Ms. Hale announced she was starting her hunger strike to protest the unfair treatment of kids in the davenport school district. Along with Kari Dugan and her daughter, Ella Driesenbeck, Gina stood in front of Davenport Central speaking up for her cause. She talked about her daughter’s mistreatment and denial of education through the system and the mistreatment of other special education students, as well as how the district is gaming the courts to keep her case from being heard. 

Hale told Blackhawk reporters that, “I strike because silence is consent. I strike for a fair offer of Free Appropriate Public Education (FAPE) and compensatory education. I strike for my daughter’s day in court.” 

When asked about how long the hunger strike may last, Dugan said, “It is really, really hard to tell. Sometimes it’s really hard to get communication with the administration. I think they really would like to ignore this problem, so it’s really hard to tell how long they’ll wait to acknowledge this.”