IHSPA Fall Conference 2019

Chloe Wheeler, Photo Editor

On Thursday October 24, 2019 it was the IHSPA Fall Conference at the Iowa Memorial Union in Iowa City. This was a great opportunity to learn more about Journalism, Photo journalism, and Social Media. Small sessions were provided throughout the day to cover certain topics for the students and advisers. There were also On-The-Spot contests for students to compete in to test their ability of writing a story by a certain deadline.  During the day students got to take a lunch break and tour the Iowa College campus and enjoy the downtown views and restaurants. At the end of the day they announced Yearbook awards and many schools got awards. Davenport Central High School Yearbook Staff also got many awards including,

· 2nd place for Cover, Makenna Verdon and staff
· Honorable Mention for Design, Cross Country spread, Afurious Nelson (2019 graduate)
· Honorable Mention for Photo Illustration, Orchestra poll, Tanner Lebs (2019 graduate)
· 3rd place for Reader Services, editors Sara Holtam, Tanner Lebs, and staff
· 1st place for Sports Feature Photo, “Marshall Maniacs” photo, Liam Ehrecke (2019 graduate)
· Honorable Mention for Student Life Story, “Beat the Heat,” Trinity Brown
· 3rd place for Theme, “Speak of the Devil,” editors Sara Holtam, Tanner Lebs, and staff
· Honorable Mention for Total Package spread, Summer Camps spread, Sara Holtam
· Honorable Mention for Total Package spread, Orchestra spread, Tanner Lebs (2019 graduate)


Great job Yearbook Staff and keep up the hard work!