State Thespian Festival


Chloe Wheeler, Photo Editor

On November 9th, Central High School’s Thespian Charter Troupe #2951 performed at the University of Northern Iowa for the State Thespian Festival. The troupe is made up of dedicated theatre students who have to audition to get in and prove that they are ready to go further in their craft, be in acting, singing, or the various technical theatre events. Several kids placed for various events.

Technical Theatre 

  • 1st – Senior Nick Vazquez; Lighting Design
  • 1st – Junior La Della Gallagher; Marketing
  • 1st – Junior Hayden IntVeld; Scenic Design
  • 3rd – Senior Allie Post; Short Film

Individual Events

  • 1st – Senior Jack Bevans; Monologue
  • 1st – Senior Sam Fahrenkrug; Solo Musical
  • 3rd – Junior Meredith Sloat; Solo Musical

Seniors Jack Bevans and Sam Fahrenkrug were nominated to perform in front of all attendees in the Chapter Select Showcase. Central is going to be advancing these 5 students to internationals during the summer in Indiana based on their rankings at the Thespian Festival.

  • Jack Bevans
  • Sam Fahrenkrug
  • Shyisha Hodges
  • Hayden IntVeld
  • Meredith Sloat