Iowa Caucus


Hannah Van Liere, Writer

The 2020 Iowa caucuses will be held on February 3rd, 2020. Caucusing is not like regular voting, as there is no secret ballot. You go out in the open to support your favorite candidate and try to win over friends, family, and strangers to your side. If you are a registered democrat, all you have to do is go to your caucus location and sign in. If you aren’t yet registered you can register at your caucus location, but be aware it takes time, and it is estimated that more people will be caucusing this year than when Obama was running for president, so come early. Caucusing begins at 7 pm CST, but to be able to get in you must arrive early, because at exactly 7:00 they will mark the line end. If you arrive after 7:00 they will not let you in to caucus. Any registered democratic voter in Iowa can caucus for their party.  Any seventeen year old can caucus if they turn eighteen before Nov. 3 2020.

Though this is not an exhaustive explanation of the event, some things you should expect will be the following.

All attendees in line before by 7 pm will be checked in.

After check in there will be a first viability count, if your candidate didn’t qualify, you can either leave, or join another candidate’s corner during second count.

In between first and second count there will be persuasive speeches, this is where the fun will be had.

They will ask you to submit your candidate card and seal the official count for the event. Do not leave until that has occurred.

Use this link to find your caucus location,

If you’re looking to contact a specific campaign, you can find contact information for each of the campaigns here: