Mike Matson’s Plans as Mayor

Oliver Klipsch, Writer

I sat down with Mayor Matson during school, and asked him a few questions about his plans to improve Davenport. Safety and stability were some of the conversation’s main themes.


Why did you decide to first become mayor?

I wanted to represent all the 100,000 people, constituents and citizens in the city, because I love the place. 


How did you first approach your campaign in terms of strategy?

I’ve been an alderman for 12 years, so I think I know, generally, what people are interested in, but my whole theme is to help make Davenport a safe, stable and welcoming community.


What are your main goals as mayor?

Public safety is first, and then welcoming, stable infrastructure. And of course public safety. 


What do you think is the most important problem facing Davenport today?

Perception, by some folks. It’s a wonderful place to live, [the] cost of living is wonderful, the schools are great, but we just got to do a better job of communicating and marketing that. 


What are your plans to help communicate and market this?

We’re already improving. We’re already talking to and hiring folks to do it, and we have a great outreach, so that will be a lot of effort you’ll see going forward.


How are you planning to balance your activities in office and at Central?

I already worked that out. I’ve thought about it even before the campaign, so it’s over a year since I’ve been thinking about it. I have great secretaries down at the city hall and here. It’s communication.


How do you plan to build relationships with the neighboring cities of the Quad Cities?

By going to talk with them. Already doing it. We meet every month, and we go to events together. It’s just personal relationships. 


How do you plan to handle the criticism that naturally comes with a political position?

Be straight with people. Tell them the truth. I’ve been doing this city council stuff for over a decade. I welcome, quite frankly, questions and thoughts from people, and as long as you’re straight with them I think you’re okay.


And finally, what is the one thing that you are most excited about when thinking about your new position as mayor?

The ability to meet people, help Davenport grow, and be that safe, stable and welcoming community.