The Results Are In

Biden wins Super Tuesday, while Sanders trails behind

Oliver Klipsch, Writer

Joe Biden has won Super Tuesday, by both votes and delegates, although Sanders is close behind him


What are the numbers?


In the Super Tuesday states, Biden has secured 4,570,963 votes as of today. He has also secured 380 delegates. The closest behind him is Sanders, with 3,745,521 votes and 328 delegates, according to the New York Times’ data. 


This makes Biden the front runner, with Sanders in second.


Who is left?


With a poor showing by Warren, who won no states and only 28 delegates, her campaign has come to an end according to an NBC source. Another candidate who has since dropped out is Mike Bloomberg.


This leaves a one-on-one race between Biden and Sanders. 


What happens next?


The next major primary is on Tuesday, March 10, when seven more states will be voting on their chosen candidate.