Local School District Goes into Quarantine

A Cautionary Tale


Photo Source: US Department of State

Close-up image of the COVID-19 virus

Oliver Klipsch, Writer

After 11 positive tests for COVID-19 in one week, North Scott High School is temporarily closing. 


The school district gave students the choice to learn 100% in person or 100% online; out of 1,000 students, 824 chose in person. Perhaps due to this choice, around 200 such students are now quarantined. 


The school is closing until Tuesday, September 22. The district is hoping to switch to virtual learning until October 5th (for about two weeks), but they are awaiting approval from the Iowa Department of Health and the Iowa Department of Education.


All athletic activities are closed as well.


Luckily, elementary schools have not had any positive reported cases, and will stay open. The middle schools will also stay open, having seen their cases “drop back” according to Joe Stutting, North Scott superintendent, who tested positive last week. 


So, Davenport students, let us stay vigilant in the coming weeks of hybrid learning and remember to apply effort so that we and our loved ones can remain as safe as possible from this disease.