Davenport Schools Offers Free Meals To All Students


Credit: Davenport Schools

Soli Augspurger, Writer

Many families across the country rely on free and reduced school lunches and breakfasts to provide proper nutrition for their kids. When the coronavirus pandemic hit and schools closed, this was a devastating blow to those who rely on these resources for a steady source of food. This was made even worse by the fact that hundreds of thousands of people lost their jobs, losing their income and means of putting food on the table. Even now that school is in session, the hybrid learning schedule means that some children might not have access to nutritious food for up to five days a week. 

With the new meal program now in place, however, that worry is lessened for many families in the district. Whether students are doing hybrid learning or they are 100% online, they can now pick up food for the week and bring it home with them so that they have a steady source of nutrition. Students who are doing the hybrid program will be able to get their meals at the end of on-site school days, either Wednesday or Tuesday for A group students and Friday for B group students. Each student who needs it will receive either four meals or six meals, depending on how many days they have without in-person schooling that week. Students who are enrolled in the 100% online program will be able to pick up meals at the Davenport Learning Center at 1008 West Kimberly Road. Meal pickup will be on Tuesdays from 11am-1 pm. Starting on Monday, September 21st, meals will be absolutely free for all students, throughout the district. The program will no longer distinguish between income levels to provide free or reduced-price lunches. Any student can have a free meal. Hybrid learning students who are not already receiving meals can contact their school to take advantage of this program, and online students can sign up through the Davenport Schools website.