Home For The Holidays


Avery Rowe, 9th Grade

Ms. Barr celebrates in style

Soli Augspurger, Writer

Many people are opting not to travel this holiday season because of worries about the spread of COVID-19. 


Along with the hazards of traveling through different states and gathering with many people, holidays pose an especially big risk because of visits with grandparents or older family members who are at high risk for more serious symptoms. This is true at Central, as well. Mrs. Killian shares the concerns about older family members’ health. “My family is in town, but my parents are both older and high risk, so I don’t even know if we’ll see them. It’s really rough, but it is what it is. It’s all temporary. We can have Christmas in July, as far as I’m concerned.” 


Most other Central students are also staying home, whether because of specific concerns about family members, or just concerns about the rising numbers of COVID cases across the country. “I’m not planning on traveling over winter break because of how bad COVID is right now. My family thought it would be best for everyone if we did our part and stayed home,” says Sara Holtam. 


Though staying at home has a positive impact on controlling COVID cases, it can be really hard on families to not be able to see each other over the holiday season. This can have an especially big impact on older family members, who might live alone. “I’m not planning on traveling over winter break because it is very unsafe right now, but if I did travel, it would be to Colorado to see my grandpa. He is lonely with no one coming around lately, and I miss him a lot,” says Lily Jewell.  


However, just because most students aren’t planning on traveling over winter break doesn’t mean they won’t have anything to do. Many people are planning on relaxing and recharging for another semester of school, even teachers. “I plan to clean my house, finish last-minute holiday purchases, and maybe find time to start reading a book! I also plan to go for a run and/or go hike some trails. I also hope to video chat or call some relatives,” says Ms. Barr. 


For a lot of students, though, winter break won’t be all rest and relaxation, because finals are just a week after break ends. “Over break I’d like to relax by watching movies and baking Christmas cookies, but I’ll probably have to do some studying for finals too,” says Maitreyi Shrikhande. 


Sara Holtam also plans to use the break time to prepare for finals. “I will have a lot to do because I have a couple of teachers who assigned big projects that are due the day after we get back from break. So unfortunately, I probably won’t have very much free time because I have to work on those projects and finish submitting my college applications.” 


This is sure to be a very strange holiday season for most Central students and teachers as they celebrate without family, but with COVID cases continuing to escalate, sometimes it is more important to stay safe and healthy than to have the perfect holiday.