Davenport Schools To Go 100% in Person

Oliver Klipsch, Writer

Davenport Community School District has announced a transition to 100% in-person learning. The transition is to take effect on Monday, February 15. The decision was made in response to new legislation from the state of Iowa which requires districts to offer all in-person learning 5 days a week. 


The 100% online learning plan will continue, and students will still have the choice to switch to it, or to switch from it to in-person learning. However, from February 8 to 12, your schedules will be discussed, so if you have anything you would like to change in your schedule please speak to your counselor. 


Among 9-12 graders, according to a DCSD survey, students had varied feelings about returning to a 5-days a week face to face model. About 24% of students answered this survey.


  • 21.5% felt a little nervous about returning
  • 22.7% felt really good about returning
  • 27.4% felt okay about returning
  • 28.4% felt really nervous about returning


Safety Procedures


Safety procedures will be similar to those of the hybrid model. It is even more important to follow them now that there will be many more students in the building. 



  • Masks will be required at all times
  • Student movement will be staggered whenever possible
  • Hallways will be one directional or clearly marked two-way
  • Hallways will be divided with tape and students will be expected to travel on the right side of the hallway
  • Students will be asked to travel directly from one classroom to another; no congregating
  • Students will be expected to provide social distancing between themselves and other students whenever possible
  • Lockers will be available for limited use as requested and approved, following all safety guidelines
  • Drinking fountains will not be available
  • Students may bring their own water bottles and fill them from the fountain filling stations


  • Stairwells will be divided with tape, students will be expected to travel on the right side of the stairwell
  • Students will be expected to provide social distancing between themselves 


  • Doors will only be propped open during passing so that handles are not touched
  • Desks will be cleaned after each block and frequently deep cleaned in accordance with the schedule established by District operations
  • Seating charts are required and will be arranged and assigned for maximum social distancing
  • A procedure for exiting the classroom will be established for maximum social distancing
  • No shared food may be brought into the building. You can bring in lunches of course, but no snacks for everyone. 
  • Still no food outside the cafeteria. 


  • Students will be expected to wash hands/utilize hand sanitizer prior to eating
  • Students will be expected to follow social distancing guidelines while waiting to obtain their food
  • Seating will be staggered, with specific sections/seats available during each lunch
  • Tables will be dismissed to throw trash away; once trash has been disposed of, students should travel to their classroom using the hallway guidelines
  • Students will eat in the cafeteria, outdoor areas when weather permits, classrooms, or other large spaces that allow buildings to abide by social distance guidelines

Temperature Screenings

  • Students will be required to have their temperatures checked at home by their parents/guardians prior to reporting to school
  • Staff will be required to check their own temperatures before reporting to work


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