Iowan Community Health Centers Receive $48 Million in Funding

Oliver Klipsch, Writer

As of March 25th, $48,082,125 in funding is going to 14 community health centers in Iowa to fund Covid-19 testing, treatment and vaccinations for vulnerable populations. The money will also help the health centers to expand their operations to help more people, as well as improving their infrastructure and adding mobile units. That way, instead of having to drive a long way to receive treatment, the treatment can drive closer to patients. 


One of these health centers is Community Health Care, Inc., in Davenport Iowa, which has multiple locations. These Davenport centers will receive, in total, $6,805,750 in funding. 


This funding is coming from the American Rescue Plan, an act passed by Congress under President Biden which will spread billions of dollars in funds across the country to combat Covid-19. 


1 in 5 people in rural communities and 1 in 11 people nationwide receive treatments from these health centers – the funding will help to improve these numbers. The centers will be able to reach more people, until eventually less people need to be reached in the first place as Covid numbers go down. 


The American Rescue Plan helps provide support to those hardest hit by the virus – those living in poverty. Over 91% of health center patients are living 200% or more under the Federal Poverty line. The higher the percentage, the more impoverished you are. At 200%, these individuals and families are some of those who need help the most. The health centers will help aid in providing this help. 


U.S Department of Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra announced, “Every American should have the security of knowing they have access to quality, affordable health care, especially as we face a pandemic that has exposed the disparities facing rural, minority, and lower-income communities.”


Hopefully, this $48 million greatly benefits those in need.