Central Hosts Period Drive

Soli Augspurger, Print Publication Editor and Writer

Girls Learn International is hosting a period product drive through the month of October. Products that are donated will be distributed to Central students who need them through Central Station, the school’s food pantry. Tampons and pads can be brought to Ms. Sodawasser’s room, 629, until October 31st. 

Affording tampons and pads is a serious problem for many people with periods. These products are essential, but they are often not treated as such. They can be prohibitively expensive, even though they are a necessity just like toilet paper. It can be difficult to maintain basic hygiene when you are not able to afford basic hygiene products.

In addition to the regular expense of tampons and pads, many countries also have a tax, sometimes known as a “tampon tax” that taxes period products as a luxury item. Although some U.S. states have removed this tax, most have not. Another obstacle to accessible hygiene products is the stigma around periods. They are often seen as something private and embarrassing, which makes it hard to have an honest conversation, because people are reluctant to talk about them.

Erasing the shame around periods is important to be able to break down some of the barriers that prevent people from getting the products they need.