Central’s Cookout is Tomorrow! Here’s the Schedule:


Photo By Danny Gallegos on Unsplash

Metropolis Hamm, Writer

Tomorrow, May 20th, instead of normal lunch we are going to attend a cookout to celebrate the end of the school year. Due to this celebration, the schedule for the lunches has been altered as follows:

Block A lunch is 11:25-11:50

B and C lunch is 11:55-12:20

D and E lunch is 12:30-12:55

And lastly, F lunch is 1:05-1:30

Students please remember to enter on the east (Main street) side and go to the cafeteria driveway entrance to get your food. Menu for Friday will include hot dogs or hamburgers, or you can grab Bosco sticks or a salad if you do not want the other options. All of the usual sides will be available in the food court. We hope you have fun and a good Friday!