Black Adam in Theaters Now


Original Artwork by Metropolis Hamm

The film, Black Adam has just arrived in theaters. Despite some mild controversy about the titular character of DC comics fame’s solo film, the general consensus seems to be a lot of excitement.

 “I am very excited for the hit film, Black Adam ” says student Max Webber. Another student, Linus Rairdin Hale “I haven’t seen anything about this movie.” “Isn’t that the one with the Rock in it?” were the wise words of student Rebecca Patrick. 

As you can see, many students don’t know of the famed DC Comics character, who is beloved by many. The king of a fictional nation known as Khandaq. He was formerly a villain to Shazam but has since become a morally gray leader of his people, making his character so much more interesting. He is a tragic character born from rage, and deserves more recognition.

The film also aims to introduce the underrated JSA, or Justice Society of America. The JSA were introduced before the famous Justice League but for some odd reason, has not gotten their time to shine yet. Hopefully this film gives them that opportunity.


See BLACK ADAM, which hit theaters worldwide on October 21st.