Is SMART Block Really a Smart Idea?

Simone Hoogheem, Editor-in-Chief

At the start of C Term, Davenport Central officially made the switch from DC Time to SMART Block. The change has impacted in-school activities that were scheduled during DC Time as well, the newspaper being one of them. Most students dislike this change, and have no troubles voicing their opinion. “It’s a redundant change,” sophomore Fox Dobbins says. Another sophomore, Will Browne, sides with him stating “It’s garbage.” Another student, senior Nathan Hodges, also preferred DC Time, despite being opted out. “SMART Block is a very unnecessary change because some students don’t need help with their classes and at least with DC Time we could choose classes to hang out with friends or talk to teachers,” he said. SMART Block was designed to keep students from skipping class, but more students skip SMART Block than they did DC Time. Sophomore Lula Bloom put it best, saying “No one wants to be stuck in their classes more than they already are.” The long and short of the problem is that students do not like the change, and are making it known by not attending.