Central Cedes Game to North Scott After Strong Second Half

The Blue Devils fought with swan-song spirit, but not hard enough to win


Jacob Snider, Sports Editor

Missed tackles, misalignments, and missed assignments was the name of the game for Davenport Central in the first half against North Scott on Friday, September 6th. The Lancers scored five touchdowns against the Blue Devils in the first half, including a fumble recovery that went all the way to the endzone, leaving the halftime score at 0-35. North Scott also had an interception. When Central came back after the half, their mindset was changed. They finished off their first touchdown drive with a 4th down end zone pass from Quarterback #5 Michael Moran to Wide Receiver #8 Isreal Taylor. They had another touchdown drive that was finished off with a rushing touchdown from running back #34 Brian “Bud” Mitchell, who also had 131 rushing yards on 21 carries. Central outscored North Scott in the second half 14-0, but it wasn’t enough to catch up. Central lost 14-35, and they play Davenport North next Friday, September 13.