Interested in Joining Blackhawk News? Join our meeting!


Chloe WHeeler

Blackhawk staff participates in a team building activity

Oliver Klipsch, Writer

Are you interested in sharpening your minds and getting to the bottom of what’s going on in our community and in our world? If you are, the Blackhawk News might be for you.


We will be holding a meeting online only on October 23 at 3:30 PM. This Blackhawk News Staff Information meeting will provide an opportunity to join our ranks, offer suggestions and opinions, learn about our organization, and discuss new ideas. 


The code is and can also be logged on with a cell phone at 304-935-5230 and PIN 272 782 355# .


Mr. Clint Balsar, our advisor, wants you to know that, 


“During the meeting we will be encouraging new staff and returning members to get active in their school by sharing stories, photos, podcasts, and livestreams on as well as working on news in print media. A new format for the newspaper will be discussed. We will be looking for input, so be sure to attend and offer both opinions and suggestions. You may also just attend to learn more about what Blackhawk News is and if you would like to be a part of it.”


See you Friday!