Bonjour, French Club!



Flyer for the French Club posted on one of Central’s hallways

Oliver Klipsch, Editor-in-Chief

Central’s French club has started back up. Headed by our school’s two wonderful French Teachers, Cynthia Cox and Lori Lefebvre, the club will provide a fun environment to immerse yourself in French culture, including food, drink, activities and conversation.

Ms. Lefebvre informed me exactly what the club does in an interview, saying, “Wednesdays, we get together for Cafe et Conversation (Coffee and conversation), and Fridays during DC time we explore French culture with games, music, videos, and food.”

Of course, I asked her right away whether there would be any snacks (France is well-known for its delicious food). She informed me that, “Wednesday we have coffee and pastries. There may be special times Friday where we might try different regional foods but that is to be determined.” Ms. Cox also provided more information about this, saying, “On Wednesday mornings coffee, mocha, cappuccino, hot chocolate and snacks are provided.

Do they only speak French? No, they don’t, according to Ms. Cox. However, joining the club can improve your French skills. In an interview, Ms. Cox said more about this, explaining, “We are not ONLY going to speak French. The goal is for students to become more comfortable speaking French in a non-threatening/fun environment. Attending this club can only help to improve your French.”

Ms. Lefebvre also spoke about this, telling me that “Wednesdays might help reinforce basic conversation skills. However Fridays are more focused on culture.”

If you are interested in joining, the club meets on specific Wednesdays at 8:00 AM and on Fridays in DC Time (which you can sign up for) two days a month. 

Mademoiselle (French for Ms.) Cox encourages you to join.

“This is a fun way to practice French, learn about French culture, meet new people, and have some coffee.

— Mademoiselle (Ms.) Cox

We will also be planning some learning excursions (field trips) and other meetings outside of school. Come be a part of rebuilding this truly fun club!”