In the Crapper: Bathroom Situation at Central Continues Getting Worse


Oliver Hoogheem

As the school year continues, the bathrooms at Central are on a fast downward trajectory. Students crowd into the small spaces, passing around drama, gossip, complaints about teachers, and illegal substances. Students pass around vapes and cannabis like we used to pass around Pokemon cards on the playground. Paired with the delectable smell of artificial fruit and skunk, we can see a landscape of our school’s finest artistic skill. From phallic objects to video game characters and profound confessions, if it exists there’s a drawing of it in our bathroom. Stickers of Among Us characters can be found popping up on mirrors, dryers, and toilet bowls, and whole stories are played out on the stall doors. Instead of using the bathroom and going back to learning, students linger for whole blocks and talk, standing in stalls and on toilets, sitting on the sinks, and on the floor. Just using the bathroom during passing time is like traipsing through the jungle. The floors are ripped up, and whole tiles are missing from the ceiling. Sink water pressure is low, and paired with the broken soap dispensers, it’s almost impossible to wash your hands. Truely, the bathrooms at Central are beautiful, and I cannot wait to spend the time left until senior year seeing them, smelling them, and hearing them every day.