Asian American Club Has Started Back Up

Colton Bartels, Writer

The Asian American Club is returning to Davenport Central once again! Seniors Rin McDonald and Renee Clemenson have taken charge with Mr. Jurgena to get it up and running. Rin and Renee are hoping to bring attention to hate and discrimination the Asian community has received, and want to educate others about Asian culture.

“Especially with COVID happening, we need to be more aware than ever before about racism and discrimination against Asian people, so that was a reason to start again,” said Rin McDonald, a senior at Central, about the club.

The club’s staff is very excited for this year. Through this year the club plans to bring in foods from other countries, take trips to restaurants around town, and spread the word about Asian discrimination.

The club helps everyone to learn about Asia, said central senior Renee Clemenson. “Central is a very diverse place. This club not only helps Asian, but also non-Asian students to get a chance to learn about Asia and its diverse cultures.”

Anyone who is interested in helping build the foundation for the Asian American club can sign up for Mr. Jurgena’s DC Time on Fridays, or contact him, Rin, or Renee. The club is very excited to learn about other cultures, and make it a fun and engaging safe-space!