Word Problems

An English Teacher’s perspective on education during COVID-19


Mrs. Beuning sitting at her desk during class Photo cred: La Della Gallagher

La Della Gallagher, Editor-In-Chief

Mrs. Beuning will be one of the familiar faces welcoming students back to Central on September 8th. Along with the other teachers, she’s learning to adapt to new procedures in the COVID-altered world. 


There’s a lot of changes this year- no water fountains, split classes, one way hallways, and one specific change is the addition of a 5th term – term 0. Term 0 is meant to replace D Term of last year, and Mrs. Beuning would like to shine a positive light on it. 


“I think it is a great idea to ensure learning is not abandoned or addressed from D term. Students need both the credits and the information lost.” And on the topic of teachers and students coping with the shortened quarters, she said, “I believe we can do it, though some material will have to be temporarily set aside or moved through more quickly.”


Before school started, one thing that was certainly up in the air for a lot of people was whether or not coming to school would or should be a possibility given the safety risks. Mrs. Beuning thinks that there are two main factors that should be taken into consideration. 


“There are two parts of my thinking: health and education. The health aspect causes concern about in-person learning with large groups in a space. The education aspect causes me to feel we need to be back together in some form for our students who need that type of help.” 


Another point that Mrs. Beuning pointed out was how avoidable this whole situation was. 


“Had we managed this differently as a nation and state, we would be like other countries returning to the classroom with a national plan created by experts and professionals in the field,” She told Blackhawk News. “We would have plentiful, easily accessible, and quick testing for all to ensure safety for all.”


On the bright side, she is happy for several things about the upcoming year, especially somewhat of break to the social isolation everyone has been facing since March. 


“I am excited to see my students again. I was so happy to see my colleagues.” 


However this year will go, teachers like Mrs. Beuning will be the ones holding this school together. Thank you to the teachers who are putting in all their effort and time into making this impossible school year a possibility.