Spring Break A Welcome Relief

Soli Augspurger, Writer


This year’s spring break was a much needed rest for many people, both students and teachers. With the many recent changes, including the return to 100% online learning and start of the new semester, a lot of people were looking forward to the break. Spring break also marks the one year anniversary of Central’s closure because of Covid-19. This year has been a very stressful one for everyone, so this break represents an opportunity for teachers and students alike to relax and catch up on work. 


Most students did not travel over break, and Brighton Hall was no exception. She planned to use her break to spend more time on her hobbies. “I’m planning to study Japanese, and I’ll work a little bit and spend a lot of time at the library. It’ll be nice.” 


Other students also had literary pursuits in mind for spring break. Wyeth Platt said, “I may begin drafting a story I’d like to write before I graduate. I don’t have a plot necessarily figured out, but I would like to create a fictional means of documenting the oddities of the high school experience.” This year has certainly been an interesting one, and spring break might be a welcome break from “interest” for many students. 


Other students (and teachers) also planned to use their break to practice their hobbies, many of which revolve around music. Mrs. Buening plays the harp, so she used her time off to practice. “I’m going to practice my harp a lot, change a couple harp strings, and just relax.” 


Peter Macdonald plays contrabass clarinet, and said that he planned to use his break to practice, and get his homework done. “Practicing is fun, homework is not.”  


Homework was a common spring break plan among students. Sometimes it can be hard to finish homework during the week, so spring break becomes the perfect time for many students to catch up. Even teachers had homework to do. “I’m going to clean my house and grade papers. I’ll be grading AP papers all break,” said Buening. 


Platt also planned to use his spring break to catch up on school. “Admittedly, I am quite behind on scholarship deadlines, so I am going to use that time as an advantageous period of time.”


Most people at Central hoped for a relaxing spring break, without too many plans or deadlines, and hopefully, it was a time for everyone to rest and recharge to come back fresh and ready for another semester of school.